Can you Help? You and Your Home Town could be on this list NEXT!

14 Mar

This is a group for men and women survivors of rape.our mission is to educate and support men and women survivors of rape. the hope to connect everyone so we can work as a team to increase the amount that come forward to the police, and increase the rate of conviction through educating survivors of their rights. In Local groups we will have an impact on the community and be a ready made support system. we will show not only men are attackers but women are to. not only women are survivors but men our too. join the fight and connect with other survivors! Together we will help support and guide others to live as survivors. to help, but we are not counselors. If you need assistance right away, call the hot line. at the bottom of the page. Jion the group closest to you! निकटतम आप समूह में शामिल हों! Únete al grupo más cercano a usted!

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This is a video introducing myself, and the group. You’re welcome to friend me!
This is my welcome video to everyone!

We have many local groups all over the world that provide an instant support system in your community that are there when you need it.Jion the group closest to you! निकटतम आप समूह में शामिल हों! Únete al grupo más cercano a usted!

Jion the group closest to you! निकटतम आप समूह में शामिल हों! Únete al grupo más cercano a usted!


Lagos, Nigeria, Africa

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Melbourne, Australia

Kolkata, West Bangle, India

Fatehabad, Hryana, India

New Delhi, India

Scotland, UK

Birmingham, UK

Machester, UK

London, UK

South Wales, UK

Akron Ohio USA

Batavia, Ohio, USA

Summerville, SC, USA

Los Angeles, Cali, USA

Kansas city, MO, USA

St. Petersburg, FL, USA

Indiana, USA

Detroit MI, USA

Boston, MA USA

Vegas, NV,USA

Knoxvile, USA

Kansas City, Mo, USA

Marianna, Arkensas, USA

This group is for the support of family and friends (Or what we like to call warriors) that are effected by there loved ones attack.

If you are female this is a group for you and your supporters:

if your pregnent and it was not by choice this group can help you also.

and If your a man and need to know your not alone this group is for male survivors and there support people:

They have a confidential, 24/7 hotline specifically for you! call:
USA: 1-800-656-HOPE .

India: ±91 9728887143

United Kingdom: 0808 802 9999 12 – 2.30pm 7 – 9.30pm

London 0845 303 0900 (hotline)

Drug Rape Trust+44 (0) 1702 317695 +44 (0) 1702 317695 FREE (p)

Rape Crisis Federation-Wales and England

Nottingham 0115 934 8474 (p) 0115 934 8470 (f)

Scottish Rape Crisis Network Edinburgh 0131 668 4486 (p) 0131 662 5400 (f)

Australia: 03 9594 2289 ———————Canada:——————————————————————– Hamilton, Ontario 905-525-4573

Vancouver, British Columbia 604-876-2622 (p) 604-876-8450 (f)www.casac.

Hamilton, Ontario 905-525-4573 (p) 905-525-4162 (hotline)

Peel Mississauga, Ontario 905-273-9442 (24/7 Crisis Line) 1-800-810-0180 (Only for Caledon residents)

Simcoe, Ontario 705-325-2201 , ext. 3284 (p) 705-327-9155 (hotline) 1-877-377-7438 (toll free from 705 area code only)

Ottawa, Ontario 613-562-2334 (p) 613-562-2333 (hotline)

Toronto Rape Crisis Centre Toronto, Ontario (416) 597-1171 (hotline)

Ottawa, Ontario 613-562-2334 (p) 613-562-2333 (hotline)

Toronto, Ontario (416) 597-1171 (hotline)


Bolivia La Paz Bolivia 00591-2 33269 (p) 08113538 (f)Belarus Belarus 375-17 2 4637 45 (p/f)Botswana Mochudi Botswana267-377239 (p)267-377195 (f)Estonia Tartu Counseling Center Postimaja p.k. 196 51003 Tartu Estonia (3727) 441052 (p) (3727) 438000 (f)

Finland The Rape Crisis Centre Tukinainen PL 24300121 Helsinki 00121 Helsinki Finland+358 9 50 363 7872 +358 9 50 363 7872 FREE (p) +358 9 685 19 79 (f) 0800-97899 (hotline)

Indonesia Rifka Annisa Women’s Crisis Center 62-0274-518720 (p) Phone and Internet counseling

Israel Rape Crisis Center-Haifa POB 44628 Haifa 04-853-0531 (p)

Japan Tokyo Rape Crisis Center Jyoto P.O. Box 7 Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-8691 81-3-3209-3692 (p) (Japanese site) (English site)

Mexico Casa Amiga-Centro de Crisis A.C. Peru Norte 878 Cd. Juarez, Chih. 615 3850 (p)

NamibiaNew Zealand Auckland Rape Crisis 09-3667214 (p) 09-3666887 (f) 09-3667213 (hotline) To reach your local Victim Support Group, call: 0800 VICTIM

Pakistan Sahil Islamabad, Pakistan 92-51-260636, 252534 (p) 92-51-254678 (f) (Deals specifically with child sexual abuse)

Philippines GABRIELA Manila 2800 632-371-2302 (p) 632-374-3451 (p) 632-374-3452 (p) 632-374-4423 (f)


Lermontova 315, 10 Irkutsk 664082 +395 2 465869 (p) +395 2 465509 (f)

Sweden Kvinnokliniken Akademiska Sjukhuset S-751 85 Uppsala+46-18-611 27 93 +46-18-611 27 93 FREE (p) +46-18-50 7394 (f) 18-611 40 00 (hotline) Telephone: +46 18-611 27 93 +46 18-611 27 93 FREE

– Kvinnofridsmottagningen Telephone: +46 18-611 27 92 +46 18-611 27 92 FREE

Kvinnofridslinjen – National Helpline Telephone: 020-50 50 50 (can only be reached from within Sweden)


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