Who are your safe people?

2 Apr

Mind Body Soul: Survivor

It’s hard to know who is safe. It takes time to know someone, and even if you think you know them you may not. Just like you, others are good at hiding their trute self. So how do you know if they are safe? Your safe people are the ones that bring you up. complement you, encourage you, the people who won’t let you say anything negative about your self. These are your best cheerleaders!
you may not have many good friends are hard to come by but they are out there, and one way to get them is to be a good friend. Be someone’s best cheerleader, and you can build each other up. you have to remember family is for life, doctors you can fire, but friends you must work to keep, and even then, you may grow apart. this happens don’t be sad just remember that it…

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