Be a Nightmare to your Nightmares.

18 Apr

Teddy Bears

Why are we so afraid of night??  Why darkness does always gives us a feeling of fears?? Is that only you or is that a problem of the human mankind.  The time when humans first learned to rub a stone and create fire from that time we know they kept the fire burning all night in the caves just to create a light and avoid the darkness, but why was it …so important?? It was important because night was the time when most predators came out to hunt and, to defend, humans have to use fire as a weapon at night. But what happens when you have to put this fight against yourself?? The fine line stands here. How to battle the night terrors, the answer lies in your own perception of the night. We fear the night because we feel we are alone and since we cant see a lot with our eyes that time we tend to believe we are alone. But have you ever thought that this fear might just be coming inside of you, this fear might just be a little part of you??  When you look at night sky what do you see?? You see a dark night but we miss the beautiful things there, a million of twinkling stars, a wonderful moon maybe some shooting stars, in fact they tell you that they are always watching over you and you are not that alone as you think you are. When you have to cope with the night terrors best thing is to put a plan for the night.      Make some plans for how to spend your night. Give equal importance to work (to keep you busy and distracted) and to entertainment ( to keep your moods happy)  Listen to something maybe music or talk to someone on phone or hear some audio stories, this will take away the feeling of loneliness from you. Many times you may feel scared of night thinking someone is stalking you, if that happens for your own pleasure of mind look around everywhere and when you find nothing it will keep you relaxed. Laughing is a very instrumental anti depressant tool, so if you are feeling the terrors of night spend the time watching or reading something that can life a smile on your face. My dad told me you have the power to change your dreams. Try to empower yourself and even if you wake up from the dream, go back and finish it the way you want to.  Kick that boogieman out of your head and dreams.  you may at one point be able to change the dreams that have been plaguing you.
Michelle McMaster


2 Responses to “Be a Nightmare to your Nightmares.”

  1. Jess 13. May 2013 at 10:31 #

    i suffer from extremely scary nightmares nearly every night. i don’t know how to get them to stop. i’m 25 and still sleep with a teddy bear as well. i sleep with my bedroom light on as well.

    • shelbell7 13. May 2013 at 10:31 #

      what is going on is that your not reaching a deep sleep. your not getting enough REM sleep, this causes you to remember dreams. if these Ideas Don’t work please come back and tell me. I will do more brain storming for you! ❤

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