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This Cosmos.

2 Sep
Somewhere in the immense depth of this cosmos, a star explodes in a supernova.  Throwing out its massive potential energy, into the vast expanse of cosmos that it held in itself for long inside its massive burning core. The energy that the star throws out at supernova is considered to be more than the total energy combined of all the stars in our galaxy.  WHAT DO WE LEARN FROM IT ?? You are like that star in the sky  with a tremendous amount of strong potential energy trapped in you. It only came out from you because your hard past and your struggles of past finally forced you to explode. Throwing out the energy in you!  You have always spent 99.99% time of your life blaming yourself as a victim.  Now for this 0.1% time Think about it in my way  would you be here helping so many people with your voice today if you wouldn’t have faced that past?  Yes your past might have given you scars but you also can never deny this fact that you wouldn’t have been the same wonderful person if there were no scars.  Today you are making a change speaking for others and in fact it was always in you  you are extremely strong  because every single matter in your body has come from the core of these massive stars , they exploded and died but they have given their potential parts in you.  THE POWER OF THESE DESTRUCTIVE STARS ARE IN YOU  GUIDING YOU TO A NEW ERA  A NEW ERA OF JUSTICE AND POWER!  Today you have nothing to be afraid of because you are that power source which is unstoppable  you are not a victim you are a survivor  the brightest star in the sky you are the pole star which has shown the direction to many others!  DON’T BE A VICTIM BE A STAR!

Your Past was the Fule

2 Sep


Your past was the fuel, that helped you decorate a wonderful present and future for yourself.  Life depends on your perception towards it. Live everyday as if it is the last day of your life and you need to enjoy this last day at its fullest and fulfill all your wishes. Thinking about complexities of life will only drag you more deep into it.  Let’s be honest , friends no one will ever come alive from this game of life  so why not let’s do some dance and enjoy the moments we are alive ?  With every passing seconds your losing one chance to enjoy your life so don’t waste any moment. Don’t enjoy the drizzle outside watching it from your bedroom window, just go out there and enjoy the rain  that is what this life wants.  Follow your heart and always cherish the little child inside you. That little child always wants to enjoy but we have shut her down in the complexities of life so open her up let the child come out Dance in the rain sing in sun cook for fun and laugh and run  You have got one chance to live and honestly minutes are finite in this life  so please don’t let your PAST ruin your NOW and your FUTURE  have a good life. Everyone  take care!



You’re a Survivor!

2 Sep
ImageYou are a survivor  you survived the darkness to stand at the peak of self respect today . Someone tried to destroy you but see They failed. Right here, right now its you today standing out here alone and look at your victory yourself.  you surviving and you have won because you never gave up in your life . The one who should be ashamed off are those person who judged you who tried to destroy you, however, they failed because you are still that person who still laughs rolling on the floor watching your favorite comedy movie,  you are still that young person who loves to eat their favorite foods. You are still that young person who looks in the mirror and find themselves still more beautiful everyday  No one can ever break a your courage and determination.  You are the one who is the source of tremendous power  you are the one who can be described as the “beauty and the beast” because it all lies in you still  You still have that spark that presence and that glory which makes you,an inspiration. You are the survivor  YOU ARE THAT SURVIVOR WHO STANDS AT THE PEAK OF THE MOUNTAIN AND LOOKS DOWN ON THOSE WHO FAILED TO DESTROY YOU.  THEIR FAILURES WILL BURN THEM, AND YOU WILL STAND ON THE PEAK OF THE MOUNTAIN BECAUSE YOU WON THIS!  YOU DESERVE THE RESPECT THAT WE GIVE TO YOU  BECAUSE YOU ARE PERSON YOU ARE A SURVIVOR A PROUD SURVIVOR! 

Look Around Yourself.

2 Sep


Look around yourself, every part of the nature has something that you can learn for your life. A tree, teaches you to stand through all the changing spheres of life good bad and everything, he stands through the storms strong he bends but he never breaks . The Sun teaches you to follow your tracks of life no matter how hard the situation is. no matter how much cloud of darkness and depression has covered your life. you still have to follow on  because ultimately in the end the sun will rise again, and so you will also rise again through all darkness . The wind teaches you to be stronger and blow even through all the hurdles of life  In this world our life goes through those phases where presence of a few people in our life can break you away but take inspiration from the wind that time  he never stops no matter how much he is covered with  No matter how strong object blocks his way he still blows . You are beautiful you are a survivor you are the gift of this nature who makes this world beautiful  like the fragrance of the flower in a garden. Remember be like the tree if a tree can stand tall through all the storms so can you do it too  . Its always ok to bend sometimes but breaking is not an option especially for you 




Join the Group Closest to you!

27 Aug

Join the group closest to you! निकटतम आप समूह में शामिल हों! Únete al grupo más cercano a usted!

We have many local groups all over the world that provide an instant support system in your community that are there when you need it.Join the group closest to you! निकटतम आप समूह में शामिल हों! Únete al grupo más cercano a usted!
Join the group closest to you! निकटतम आप समूह में शामिल हों! Únete al grupo más cercano a usted!

International Group:  This is were all survivors around the world can gather to show strength and know they are NOT alone!

Lagos, Nigeria, Africa
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Melbourne, Australia
Kolkata, West Bangle, India
Fatehabad, Hryana, India
New Delhi, India
Scotland, UK
Birmingham, UK
Machester, UK
London, UK
South Wales, UK
Akron Ohio USA
Cincinatti, Ohio, USA
Summerville, SC, USA
Los Angeles, Cali, USA
Napa, Ca USA
Kansas city, MO, USA
St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Indiana, USA
Detroit MI, USA
Boston, MA USA
Vegas, NV,USA
Reno, NV, USA
Knoxvile, USA
Marianna, Arkansas USA
Tri-Cities WA USA
Spokane WA USA
Seattle WA USA

This group is for the support of family and friends that are effected by there loved ones attack.

If you are female this is a group for you and your supporters:

and If your a man and need to know your not alone this group is for male survivors and there support people:

For Christains healing from rape

We are alive!

27 Aug
We are alive! even though some days were extremely hard but we made it through. So much about our life depends upon the way we take it.  I know there are pains I know there are moments that makes you cry, that makes you to just bend on you knees hide your face and cry hysterically. But most importantly through all of those days we learn something we learn experience that helps us to wipe someone Else’s eyes when we see them at the same position . Life is not that hard if we just learn to take our bad days as a part of our lessons of life . I know you had a very bad past and I will never compare that to anyone  I know you cried a lot many times maybe even thought of giving up but through all of it you survived  because you were meant to experience some hard days so that you can be a teacher to million others. Today with your own experience of life you are filling a million more people a smile of hope in their face you are wiping their eyes . Isn’t that extremely beautiful? You are a teacher who is so wonderful that you are helping so many people to survive today . I know lovely people life is hard but since we are here together lets dance and make it large . So that the coming generation will remember us and our teachings forever  they will take inspirations from our lives and hence we will be alive forever.   you are special  remember it forever!


27 Aug
Often in our lives we come to this position when we feel like we are alone. Mostly it is our own perception that makes you feel like that.  We always want ourselves to be in that position where we never feel this loneliness, However this loneliness also makes you stronger, and gives you more time to love yourself and gain a better insight about yourself.  Life is beautiful but most beautiful is you because you are a part of the system of the world,  and your presence makes this world beautiful!  Love yourself you are special you are unique and you are that girl who makes a man’s heart beat . You deserve the moments of happiness in your life and you deserve to wipe your eyes because your tears doesn’t suits on your eyes well . There will be those moments there will be those people who will never be able to treat you with respect but you being a women is a model of respect and pride. Never put yourself down for the scars you have maybe in your heart or in your arms, It doesn’t matter because these scars are the signs that how long you have fought in this battle  and won it to be here  be proud to be a survivor  be proud that you are special  don’t let anyone treat you less than what you deserve


27 Aug
We always come across the birds, Some of them even comes from the different part of the world and will return back there again with the end of the certain periods, However what remains forever with us is the wonderful few seconds when we get the chance to see them . We never know if she will return again maybe we will never be able to see her again all our life but what we do have is the moments of our memory with them… Life is similar to this, We come across people in our lives who gives us a few moments that we rejoice forever even if those moments were for a very small part of our life . Sometimes they deliberately comes so close to touch our hearts that we want them to be in our lives forever but most times they have to leave and when they leave, They leave us with this question of will we ever see them again?? In our life we made promises several times to stay on with someone but we realized that wheels of life took them far away from us  We lost people in our lives sometimes we lost those people whom we can never in our heart thought they will leave  But through all of these we do have to remember even if they have went far far away and even if we will never be able to see them again but they have left us with wonderful memories that will stay alive forever  and when you will think of those memories smiles will come to your heart because you know you were lucky enough to be a part of those memories. There will come those moments when their image will slowly fade away in your mind you wont be able to recognize their face in your mind but you will always remember the unforgettable moments.  People come in our lives because they have to go stay forever in our hearts .

People Come in Our Lives because they have to Go.

24 Aug
Image People come in our lives because they have to go . Once they leave they will never come back maybe that is the hard part of life  But through all these darkness of racing thoughts of not being able to see that person again we forget this that this person has kept some immortal memories of their presence in our soul  in our heart  which now deeply resides in ourselves . People will not remain forever in our lives but what will remain forever is the moments of their wonderful presence in our lives . Most importantly the person lives in you now . Suppose you make a picture of a peacock with around 3000 gravels and suddenly it breaks, now you can again make that peacock with use of just 300 gravels yes it won’t be that much perfect but still enough to give a rough shape . That is how people live inside us even if they are gone through the collection of their memories we keep them alive . I know you might have lost some people in your life whom you want to get back in your life again but in fact you forget this that you still have them in your soul they are living happily and your love your presence and those few wonderful memories have kept them alive in our souls. Love to everyone 

A Silent Night Ends.

24 Aug
ImageA silent night ends. With it ends the moments of tears, cries and pains. There is no need to bring them back with you for a bright sunlight of tomorrow, leave them there  and just pick up the beautiful moments when you smiles, when you giggled and for a moment when something made you happy and feel wonderful . These are those moments that deserve to come with you for the life tomorrow because you deserve to be happy you deserve to smile  and when you let your past be kept at where they are then you can eventually look at them from time to time and wonder ” ohh wow i was there soooo much far away and now I am here on the top of the mountain waiting for a new sunrise” Wishing you all goodnight  Lots of love to everyone